About Us
We are an agro food export company that works directly with the producers and farmers in order to supply the best product from the farm to the global market.

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Northern Gate Olive Oil

green olivesOur Northern Gate olive oils come from Spain, the largest producer of olive oil in the world and we are proud to provide the top olive oil with an aroma, colour and taste that will please you and your customers.

We offer the best olive varieties; Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra. Our olive oils are collected and skillfully mixed to obtain excellent oil with an ideal composition for a Mediterranean diet that is low in cholesterol: oleic acid, linoleic acid and fat soluble vitamins.

Northern Gate olive oil is available in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L, in pet or glass bottles in bulk as well as in a flexitank or IBCs. We have the Northern Gate brand or can customize to your brand.


Extra virgin olive oil

olive oil pouringThis high quality oil is obtained directly from the highest quality olives, solely by mechanical means, with impeccable taste and odour. The olive is free from defects that do not exceed the degree of acidity of 0.8 °.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known for:
•    Benefits for human health.
•    Is fruity and aromatic.
•    It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants and a recommended healthy substitute for other vegetable oils and fats.


Organic olive oil

The organic olive oil is produced while preserving the natural nutrient rich soil and respecting the environment through optimum utilization of natural resources and without the use of chemicals.
It is made in an approved mill using farming techniques to ensure that oil from these olives, has no pesticide residue, or other components that can be harmful to consumer health. The Northern Gate organic olive oil is grown in full compliance with the surrounding environment where the property is located.


Virgin olive oil
This oil has the same quality standards as extra virgin olive oil with respect to its production. The defects should be virtually imperceptible to the consumer, with a price point below extra-virgin olive oil.


Olive oil
A blend of olive oil, which is obtained from refining oils that have not reached the quality standards described above for virgin or extra virgin olive oil ( typically between 10% and 20%.) . Observe the word “virgin.” has been lost. This is due to the preparation of this refined oil using alternative chemical processes and / or thermal cleansing of fragrances, flavors and colours. The degree of acidity of the olive oil cannot exceed 1.5 °. This refined oil, tasteless and odorless, and mixed with virgin, or rarely, extra virgin (10% – 20%), is marketed -with adjectives such as ‘soft’, ‘intense’, ‘light’, etc..


Olive Pomace Oil

This type of oil is the product of refining by chemical means pomace/marc (orujo or morcas), from the milling of olives. The vegetable fat obtained is mixed with a proportion of virgin olive oil, and final grading obtained, oleic acid and cannot exceed 1.5 °.