About Us
We are an agro food export company that works directly with the producers and farmers in order to supply the best product from the farm to the global market.

Lens culinaris

Canada is also the largest exporter of Lentils in the world producing in large quantities Large Green (Laird Lentil) or Masoor Large Green (6-7mm), Split Large Green or Yellow Split Lentil or Masoor dal, Red Lentil or Masoor , Red Split Lentil or Masoor dal, Dehulled Red or Football Lentil or Masoordal, Small Green or Eston type or Masoor Small Green (4.45mm) , Medium Green Lentil or Richlea- type or Masoor medium Green . In a smaller production; Spanish Brown or Pardina (40-45mg), French Green or Dark Specked (30-40 mg), Beluga or Indian Head.